How We Earn Money

We want to be as transparent as possible, so this page is dedicated to share how we earn money on

There are two types of advertisements used on LoanInformer.

  • Display Ads: These are 3rd party ads that show advertisements. You’ve probably seen them on most websites (square or rectangle advertisement in the middle of an article on sidebar). We have no knowledge and no control over what is shown or where these advertisements lead to. If you decided to follow an advertisement, we receive compensation from the advertising network and not the individual advertiser. More information on these networks can be seen in our privacy policy.
  • Offers: We may have offers embedded in the side bar or an article. An example would be a credit card offer where you follow the offer through a text link or button (possibly a sign-up form), which takes you to the advertising company’s website, applying for the offer and entering your details, and then we get compensated for your signup. At this time those offers are still through a network partner, but we have control over which ones are displayed. It doesn’t cost you anything extra to sign up through our links. This means that you potentially get a deal and we get a little bit of money. It’s a win-win situation.

The money that we may receive through advertising helps pay for website related costs, research & development of content to keep you up to date (which is a huge part of our budget), and advertising. Yes, we also advertise! The Internet is a big place and advertising helps show people where to find us.

We have a strict editorial policy that only passes fair and accurate information. This is independent of any advertising that you may see on this site.

We will keep this page updated if we should change advertising networks or add forms of advertising. We appreciate you and your trust with us!