Woman Within Credit Card Review

The Woman Within catalog card is a credit card that is offered for use by "plus-sized" women to purchase clothing, shoes, accessories, household items and more. Is this card a good choice in terms of providing value and building a good credit rating?

In this Woman Within credit card review, we will explore this question, describe the Woman Within catalog card and explain its pros and cons. Read on to learn more.

The Woman Within credit card is a catalog card offered and managed by Comenity Bank. It can be used not only to purchase items at the Woman Within website or from their catalog, but also from similar, affiliated sites/catalogs, such as:

All of these sites offer multiple discounts, coupons, buy-one-get-one deals and other special offers throughout the year.

woman within platinum credit card

Additionally, it is possible to get separate credit cards to be used at each of these sites. These cards all originated with an e-commerce company known as “Redcats USA”; however, the business was bought out by Charlesbank Capital Partners in 2012.

Although this card has a very high annual percentage rate (APR) at 26.99%, the opportunity for deferred payment is always available. Applying for the card is quite easy, and you can get quick approval and begin shopping right away.

Opening credit limit is usually quite low at about $300, but it is automatically raised when you practice good account management.​

Special Features

  • The Woman Within credit card is easy to apply for and receive.
  • Upon approval, you will be issued a $10 reward certificate for use with your first order.
  • Enjoy free shipping four times each year and through special offers at various times during the year.
  • With the points reward system, you will receive two points for every dollar spent using your Woman Within credit card at any fullbeauty brand website.
  • When you have accumulated 400 points, you will receive another $10 reward certificate.
  • You'll get a coupon for 20% off on your birthday, and you will earn double points on all purchases made during that month.​

Woman Within Card's Pros & Cons


  • The Woman Within credit card is convenient to use at a number of websites.
  • The card offers fraud protection against unauthorized charges.
  • Enjoy multiple merchandise discounts throughout the year.
  • Deferred payment options can be handy if handled correctly.
  • It is easy to manage your account online.


  • The APR is quite high.
  • There is a high restocking fee on returned items.
  • You cannot transfer balances to your Woman Within card.
  • There is a fee for paying by phone or by debit card.
  • You will be bombarded by catalogs in the mail the moment you are accepted for this credit card!
  • If you don’t pay off your deferred payments in time, you will be charged for all interest retroactively.
  • You can only use the Woman Within card at the Woman Within website and other FullBeauty websites.​

Who Is It for?

Although the Woman Within credit card and brand is marketed towards plus-sized women, it's important to note that the range of websites and merchandise available through this card are not strictly for plus-sized women, and “king-sized“ men can also take advantage of the masculine equivalent of this card by applying for a KingSize credit card.

In addition to generously sized clothing, lingerie, swimwear and accessories, the Woman Within card can also be used to purchase household items, clothing, shoes and accessories for "king-sized" men and shoes and accessories suitable for all sizes of women.

Clothing offered by the women's clothing sites start in the "not-so-plus-sized" 12W range and extend to the more generous “X“ sizes. Clothes offered at these sites tend to be slightly fuller cut and tailored to fit curvy women.​

Although the APR on this card is quite high, and the deferred payment scheme can be tricky, close attention to sales and special offers and careful card management can make this a very valuable card to have.

When you manage this card well, you will soon find yourself courted by other more valuable providers of credit.

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Who Is It Not for?

Because the APR and late fees on this card are quite high, it is not a good choice for you if you would have problems keeping up with timely payment. Additionally, if you are not careful in your choices when you order, the restocking fee on returns will make it not worth your while to have this card.​

How To Use The Woman Within Card

The best way to use this card is to watch for sales and make the most of your points and percent-off offers. This is especially true on larger, seasonal purchases such as jackets and coats.

Additionally, shopping the clearance pages of the catalogs and websites can yield some tremendous values. Be judicious in your purchases so that you can pay off your balance in full either monthly or well before your deferred payment scheme comes due.

It is also worth noting that when using this card, it is important to shop carefully because the main complaints of users center around poor customer service concerning merchandise returns. Be sure to read all of the sizing charts and order carefully to suit your size.

Woman Within and its affiliates charge a restocking fee of $7.50 per item, so it is easy to see that returning merchandise could end up costing you a pretty penny and ruining any potential for value.​

Is It A Good Choice?

When properly managed, the Woman Within credit card is a good choice if you want to establish or improve your credit rating.

Shopping for value takes a bit of doing because it is necessary to watch for the sales and use your coupons and points carefully to get the most value; however, this is quite easy because you will receive multiple paper catalogs monthly and many emails informing you of special offers!

Additionally, whenever you visit the website, you will receive some sort of discount offer. The fact that the card can be used at several different sites offering a fairly wide variety of merchandise makes it a practical addition to your credit card portfolio.​