Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Review

The Victoria's Secret Angel card is an in-store and catalog card that you can use at Victoria's Secret brick and mortar shops as well as online or to purchase items from their catalogs. In this Victorias Secret credit card review, we will explain the features and explore the pros and cons of this card.

Like many cards of this type, the Angel card is managed by Comenity Bank ( As such, this card is easy to get even if you do not have good credit. You start with a very low credit limit and have the opportunity to raise that limit while building a better credit rating. The annual percentage rate (APR) is high at 24.99%. The maximum late fee is $35, and there is no annual fee or over limit fee.

Victoria Secret Credit Card Benefits

When you hold the Victoria's Secret credit card, you are considered to be an "Angel". The Angel card is available in three “tiers”. They are:

  1. Angel
  2. Angel VIP
  3. Angel Forever

As an Angel, you will have the opportunity at all three tiers to earn valuable bonus points and receive gifts and rewards. Points are worth between one and two dollars each when you shop at Victoria's Secret, and gift distribution is generous.​

You will receive 50 points as a starting bonus when you receive your card, and you will earn a point every time you spend a dollar! Additionally, whenever you accrue 250 points you will receive a $10 reward. You will also receive a $10 reward on your birthday as an Angel or an Angel VIP!

Other ways you can earn points include linking your social media accounts with your Angel card. To sweeten the pot even more, as an Angel you will always get triple points when you buy bras.

Additionally, when shopping by catalog or online you will receive free shipping when your order includes a bra.

Move Up To Angel VIP!​

When you have earned 500 points within a 12-month time frame, you will become an Angel VIP. This will mean that you can earn triple points and receive bonus gifts when you buy during purchasing events year round. You will also receive early access to Victoria's Secret excellent semi annual sale.

Move Up To Angel Forever!

If you earn 1000 points on either your Angel or Angel VIP card in a 12-month time frame, you will automatically become an Angel Forever.

With Victoria’s Secret’s Angel Forever card, you will enjoy all of the benefits described above, and you will be able to choose two special days a year when you can earn triple points.

You will also enjoy random triple points days and free gifts at sales events year round.

Additionally, you will receive a $15 reward on your birthday and free shipping at various times of the year.​

Angel Card Pros & Cons


  • Having the card is convenient for shopping at Victoria's Secret stores and taking advantage of special sales events.
  • Like most in-store and catalog cards, the Victoria's Secret card can be used to help build a better credit rating.
  • Generous rewards, points, free shipping and frequent sales events make having an Angel Card lots of fun!
  • You can use your card at Bath & Body Works.
  • The points and rewards program is generous.​


  • Comenity Bank is notorious for poor customer service, and customer service for Victoria's Secret is no exception.
  • Sales events, rewards and incentives coupled with the fun and festive nature of the products offered can cause excessive spending!
  • At 24.99%, the APR is very high. You will not want to carry a balance on this card.
  • You cannot earn or redeem points at Bath & Body Works.​

Who Might Benefit From These Cards?

The Victoria's Secret credit card is a good choice for you if you shop at Victoria's Secret a great deal and are able to shop wisely and pay off your balance promptly.

It can also be a good choice if you are just starting out with little or no credit history, as long as you keep up with it and make your payments in a timely manner.

If you do not, the high interest rates and high late fees can very quickly snowball and leave you deeply in debt with a poor credit score.

Who Are They Not For?​

If you are prone to impulse buying, the Angel Card may be a very poor choice that will end up getting you in a lot of trouble.

It is very tempting to buy more pretty little things when you are offered points, rewards, bonuses and presents for doing so. This can quickly add up to a balance that cannot be paid off in one go.

Additionally, if you generally tend to carry a balance on your credit cards, or if you are forgetful about making your payments this is definitely not the card for you. As mentioned, the interest rates and fees are high and can rapidly overwhelm you.

Additionally, by all accounts resolving difficulties and issues with customer service is a generally unsuccessful venture.​

Best Uses

Cardholders who seem happiest with this card report using it occasionally for specific purposes. For example, Victoria's Secret carries UGG Boots. Using this card to make seasonal special purchases, such as this high end footwear is a good use of this card.

Additionally, participating in sales events to stock up on lingerie and undergarments could yield excellent value as long as you don't give in to the very real temptation to go on a spending spree!

Final Thoughts

The Victoria's Secret Credit card, like most store and catalog credit cards is not an account you would want to open just for the credit benefits. The interest is high, and the merchandise you can purchase is limited.

While it is possible to use this card to help build a better credit rating, there are many more useful cards that offer better interest rates and terms that could be better put to this use.

If you do love Victoria's Secret products and will take advantage of sales events to use your points, you can get some real value from this card and reap some benefits in terms of establishing or improving your credit rating.​