Scheels Visa Credit Card Review

Scheels is a nationwide outdoor gear and sporting goods chain of stores that offers its own Platinum Visa credit card for in-store and general use. The card is available in both unsecured and secured versions, and it is a fairly easy card to apply for and receive.

Is the Scheels Visa a good choice in terms of entering personal financial management? In this Scheels Visa Credit Card Review, we will explore this question.

Who Can Benefit From The Scheels Card?

The Scheels Visa Card is a good choice for people who have no credit or want to rebuild their credit. It is easy to obtain in either unsecured or secured versions.

Customer service is good and helpful, and the website offers lots of sound advice and support in regards to managing money and credit and building a strong credit rating.

Additionally, the free mobile app makes it easy to keep tabs on your account and make your payments in a timely manner. Recurring bank draft is also available if you tend to forget to make payments.

Who Should Not Use This Credit Card?

  • It may surprise you to know that the Scheels card is probably not the best general use credit card for avid fishermen, hunters and sports enthusiasts.
  • While it's nice to have on hand to make occasional small purchases that can be paid off quickly, it is a poor choice for financing large, costly items such as boats, tents, guns, exercise machines and the like.
  • With its high interest rates and low rewards, you would end up paying far more for these items than they are worth. You would be better off purchasing these high end items with cash or with a general credit card that offers better terms, rewards and interest rates than the Scheels Visa.

Pros & Cons To Consider


  • A highly rated Scheels Visa Card Google app is available for free download. This intuitive mobile app is secure and provides the ability to fully manage your Scheels account on the go. Available for Android and Apple devices.
  • The card is issued by the First National Bank of Omaha, which has a reputation for providing good customer service.
  • Proper management of this card will help build your credit rating.
  • The application process is easy and approval is fairly certain.
  • The occasional $25 gift card always comes as a nice surprise.


  • Because it is a Platinum Visa (as opposed to a Signature Visa) this card does not come with much in the way of special services. For example, there is no replacement service in the event your purchases break or are stolen within a 90 day period.
  • The 18.99% interest rate is high across the board, and there is nothing you can do in terms of improving your credit rating that will affect it.
  • Scheels Visa purchase rewards are fairly low at only 3% for purchases in-store and just 1% generally.
  • The 1500 point/$15 signup bonus is meager.

Benefits Of The Scheels Visa

The Scheels unsecured offers these benefits and conditions:

  • No Annual Fee
  • Ability to earn bonus points with in-store and general purchases
  • 0% APR for the first 6 months following Scheels purchase of $500 or more
  • 18.99% overall APR

Scheels Credit Card by VISA

Scheels Visa Credit Card

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The unsecured card is much the same, except that you must pay a $35 annual fee.

Additionally, you select the secured version of the card, you will be required to provide a security deposit between $550 - $5,000 in $50 increments. With the secured card, you can build your credit rating and work your way to better terms.

In fact, by making timely payments on your Scheels card, you can graduate to an unsecured card in under a year and receive a refund of your deposit.

Once you graduate to an unsecured card, you will no longer have to pay an annual fee.

Scheels Visa Special Features

  • The company is very supportive of people working to establish or improve their credit rating. The Scheel's Visa website provides quite a bit of good advice and solid resources for people attempting to establish or rebuild credit. The Smart Credit Management page provides links to articles filled with good, solid money and credit management information.
  • You will earn 3 bonus points per dollar for Scheels purchases and 1 point per dollar for general purchases.
  • You will receive a $25 gift card in the mail whenever you have accumulated 2500 bonus points
  • You will receive 1500 bonus points (worth $15.00) with your first general purchase.

The Best Uses Of A Scheels Visa Card

This would be a good card to have on hand for emergency or last minute needs when picnicking, camping or traveling.

For example, if you needed to replace a broken fishing pole, buy fuel for your camp-stove or pick up a good pair of hiking shoes unexpectedly, the Scheels card would be a great resource.

Camping Equipment

Making in-store or online purchases to take advantages of sales at Scheels would also be an excellent use of this card.

By purchasing clearance and sale items with your card, you would both save money on the purchase and accrue points that you could use later. Of course, this would only be true as long as you are able to pay off your balance quickly to avoid the high interest.

Properly managed, the gift cards could be a valuable resource. For example you could save and "re-gift" them for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions or simply stockpile them and use them for holiday shopping or to save up for a special item you've had your eye on.

Conclusive View

The Scheels Platinum Visa credit card can be a valuable financial tool when used with restraint and paid off promptly. Having an account in good standing with Scheels can be beneficial for your overall credit rating.

The customer service is good, and the website offers lots of valuable resources to help improve your financial skills if you so desire. The card is handy and convenient for shopping at Scheels brick and mortar stores and online, but it is probably not your best choice for general shopping needs.

In the final analysis, when handled with care the Scheels Platinum Visa could be a very positive addition to your credit portfolio.