Peebles Credit Card Review

Peebles Department Store is a rather little-known chain store with headquarters in Houston, Texas. The store carries famous brand names in general household merchandise as well as garments, accessories and cosmetics. Some brands, such as Wishful Park, Signature Studio and Rustic Blue are exclusive to Peebles.

The brick and mortar stores can be found in the upper-midwestern and eastern United States, and you can also shop at Peebles online. The company offers its own store credit card for this purpose. In this Peebles Credit Card Review, we will take a close look at that card.

Peebles Card Special Features

The Peebles in store credit card is available in a “preferred” version and a “platinum” version.

Both are easy to apply for at the Peebles website. The application is quick and easy, and approval is usually instantaneous.

You can start shopping right away, but proceed with caution! Keep in mind that the annual percentage rate on this card is a whopping 24.99%, and it is just as easy to get caught by late fees and other penalties as it is to apply.

Before you begin shopping, be sure to take some time to read and understand all the fine print.

Each of the types of Peebles cards offers a number of attractive special features. Benefits of Peebles preferred membership include:​

  • Occasional opportunities for extended shopping hours
  • Exclusive, preferred coupons every other month
  • Occasional "super-charged" saving days
  • Ten dollars back for every $250 spent
  • Notice in advance of upcoming sales
  • An unspecified Christmas reward
  • Two personal sale days annually
  • A ten dollar birthday reward

With Peebles platinum membership, you get all of the benefits above, PLUS:

  • Free shipping for online purchases and special orders
  • Exclusive platinum coupons monthly
  • A $20 reward on your birthday​


  • You can start shopping right away upon approval.
  • Special benefits offer good value.
  • It is quick and easy to apply .
  • There is no annual fee.


  • Rewards are a little bit chintzy.
  • The 24.99% interest rate is outrageous.
  • You are given short notice by mail of payments due, so late payment is likely.
  • To pay online, you must provide your checking account information if you don’t want to pay a $15 fee.

Who Might Benefit From The Peebles Credit Card?

Comments from people who seem to be satisfied with this card are typically focused on using the card to help build up a positive credit rating.

If your credit rating is very bad, and you are capable of making small purchases and paying them off right away for the express purpose of increasing your credit scores, the Peebles card may be a good choice.

Customers who describe themselves as using the card in this way say that they are satisfied with the customer service offered and happy that their Peebles card credit limit has risen quickly.

This would seem to indicate that the Peebles card is a good card for people who want to make occasional, small, non-essential purchases that they can pay off quickly (e.g. before the statement arrives in the mail!)

Who Should Not Use The Peebles In-Store Credit Card?

Many users complain vociferously about problems managing this card, saying that the company does not process payments correctly. This results in late charges that are impossible to have removed.

People who complain about the Peebles in-store credit card seem to be those who may be struggling to make ends meet and who may need ample advance warning of payments due.

For these customers, the short notice and high late fees make using this card unworkable. Aside from that, the extraordinarily high interest makes the Peebles card a poor choice for making multiple purchases of necessary items or for making large purchases.​

If you are looking for a card you can count on for buying back to school clothes for your kids, keeping your kitchen well stocked with good equipment and your linen closet shelves filled with standard household items such as towels, sheets and comforters, this is not the card for you.

Although Peebles certainly has all those things, the high interest, short notice of payments due and hefty penalty fees make it a poor choice as a go-to card for necessities.

What's The Best Way To Use The Peebles In Store Credit Card?​

With its costly credit card interest and fees, the best use of the Peebles card is as a specific vehicle for carefully building up a very bad credit rating. The card is quick and easy to get, and it offers some good discounts, savings and sales throughout the year.

If you are able to plan your purchases to coincide with these special offers and then pay them off immediately, you will be able to get some good values, build up your credit rating, enjoy the benefits of the card and avoid the drawbacks.

Final Thoughts

The Peebles credit card is a card that can offer convenience and value to people who are able to look ahead and plan for special sales and offers, take advantage of coupons and pay their bills in a more-than-timely manner.

To use it well, you would need to watch the Peebles sales and special offers carefully and time your purchases accordingly. Managing this card in this way will help boost your credit rating and may net you some excellent special values.

If you are not able to plan carefully and pay promptly, the Peebles card could destroy your credit rating. With the high fees and reported customer service problems, it is easy to imagine late fees snowballing and your credit scores spiraling into oblivion if you do not stay right on top of management of this card.​

The best way to look at the Peebles credit card is as a novelty card. You would not want to count on it for essential purchases, but it could be fun and handy to have if you are very mindful and diligent in managing it.​