Gap Credit Card Review

The Gap and its affiliates: Piperlime, Athleta, Old Navy and Banana Republic are very popular clothing stores. When you shop frequently at these stores, you may wonder if holding the Gap Visa or Silver Visa is worthwhile. In this Gap Credit Card Review, we will review the most important features, rewards, disadvantages and benefits of the Gap credit card.

The Gap credit card has an annual percentage rate of 24.99%. There is no annual fee, and the maximum late fee is $38. There is also no over limit fee. Cardholders enjoy a grace period of 23 days on payments.

The annual percentage rate for cash advances is 26.99 with a 4% fee. You may not use the card for balance transfers. There is a 3% fee for foreign transactions. You can manage your account online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Special Features & Gap Rewards

With the Gap credit card you receive a bonus of 15%-20% when you are approved, and you can save 15%-20% when you make your initial purchase using the card at the Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Athleta and Piperlime.

For every dollar that you spend at these stores, you can earn three bonus points. Purchases made in other stores where Visa is accepted, you will earn a point. When you have accumulated 500 points, you will receive a reward card for five dollars.​

There are other ways to earn extra points as well. If you register your email address with the Gap, you will earn 500 points automatically. When you make the choice of going paperless and/or receiving voice message updates and/or email communication, you can also earn 500 extra reward points.

If you are able to accumulate 5000 points in a calendar year, you will be automatically upgraded to Gap Silver status. This provides benefits such as 20% bonus rewards points on a quarterly basis.

You can also get free shipping when shopping online and several other attractive perks.

Every Tuesday, Gap Tuesday Discount, the Gap offers special opportunities to earn increased points both online and in their brick and mortar stores. Furthermore, when you shop on your birthday you are eligible for even more savings. Cardholders receive special notice of exclusive discounts and special events.​

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Gap Card Benefits

  • You do not need to save your receipt to make returns.
  • The fact that the Gap Visa has no annual fee is especially attractive since many of the cards carry high fees of as much as 60 or $70.
  • It is easy to earn lots of bonus points. Every time you use your Gap Visa card, you will earn points and there are many added opportunities to earn extra points.
  • There is no limit on the number of reward cards you can earn in a year; although, you cannot earn more than $120 in reward cards in a single billing cycle. If you do happen to spend enough to earn more than $120 worth of rewards in one cycle, Gap will roll the excess over into the next billing cycle.
  • Faithful shopping earns you an automatic upgrade to Silver status. When you spend over $800 in a calendar year using your Gap Visa, you will automatically be upgraded to a Gap Silver account. This will bring you lots of attractive perks such as free shipping, basic alterations for free, offers for triple points earning opportunities, a special 15% discount annually and access to a toll-free, exclusive priority line.


  • The annual percentage rate is excessively high. This is why you would be very wise to use a card that has a much lower credit card interest rate and still offers rewards for use on your average everyday purchases and save your Gap card for purchases at their stores.
  • Points expire! If you do not earn 1000 bonus points within two years, the points you have will expire.
  • The foreign transaction fees for purchases made when traveling outside the US are a bit high. At 3%, you must realize that you will have to pay three dollars for every hundred dollars you spend. It's easy for these fees to mount up rapidly when you are traveling.
  • There are some restrictions on use of rewards cards. For example, you are not allowed use more than one reward card when making a transaction. This means that you may have to break your transactions up in order to make the most of your rewards points. For example, rather than purchasing your entire wardrobe at one go, you might have to purchase it a garment at a time in order to use all of your rewards cards.
  • You can lose your silver card status unexpectedly. If you do not spend $800 at Gap stores in a given calendar year, you will be automatically downgraded to a standard Gap card.
  • Savings are limited. Although the various bonuses and percentages off are nice and can compel you to spend more, think carefully before doing so. While triple points earned at Gap stores may help mitigate the high APR, some other offers such as the 10% off every Tuesday do not really do much to make this APR worthwhile.
  • Customer service is reportedly extremely poor! Comments on a broad sampling of online feedback boards regarding the Gap card consist almost entirely of multiple complaints from many users regarding poor, incompetent and downright rude customer service. Customers complain of a poor and unresponsive automated phone service and rude and argumentative interactions with actual people. They also complain of payments not being credited properly and late fees being assessed on timely payments. Multiple users complain of having previously good credit scores damaged by mismanagement on the part of the Gap.​

Who Might Benefit From The Gap Card?

If you are very brand loyal to the Gap and its affiliates and will purchase a significant proportion of your wardrobe in these stores, you could accumulate enough points to get good value using a Gap Visa for these purchases.

Keep in mind that this would be dependent upon paying off your balance promptly each month. Otherwise, the high APR will eat up any savings your bonus points and perks may have provided you.

Who Should Not Use The Gap Card?

If you cannot pay off your balance promptly every month, you should not use this card. Additionally, if you want an all-around Visa card that will give you good value on general purchases, this is not the card for you. The APR is just too high.​

The Best Uses of the Gap Card

The Gap card can be very convenient for shopping at Gap stores, online and at outlets. The extra points you earn when shopping in this way can make the APR worthwhile as long as you pay off your balance promptly.​

Final Thoughts

It is conceivable that the Gap Visa could provide some very good value for shoppers who maintain an extensive personal wardrobe or want to purchase clothing from Gap and its affiliates for the entire family.

If you make a lot of purchases, you can earn a lot of points that can save you a great deal of money. Just remember to pay your bill in full every month to avoid undoing your savings with excessive interest.

Additionally, you must take great care to be sure that all of your payments are credited correctly in order to avoid damage to your credit rating.​